Welcome to my humble cel gallery! I started collecting cels about 15 years ago, and was the most fun I had with any hobby. In some sense CG shows were my saving grace from spernding all my money in that I just couldn't get couldn't get into collecting genga and douga or rilezu cels.

This isn't all my cels. However it is a good representation of what I collect and what I enjoy. Sadly, most of my cels are now in "Gone But Not Forgotten" section, so if you are looking for my most beautiful images of my many of my best cels, go there, however if you are looking to purchase a cel, look in any of the other categories.

Please enjoy and thanks so much for visiting!

News & Updates

5/24/2014I haven't quite had the time for the migration to eBay, but I am still selling everything, and will do the eBay move when I get some time. Check the marketplace for items with prices, or email me an offer for anything else. Thanks!
9/3/2013Almost 4.5 years to the day since my last news update. I have sold a lot of my cels since then and am still taking offers/selling everything you see. I will start moving things to eBay when I have some time, so if you want to keep an eye out there, you may get a chance to bid/buy something not priced in the marketplace.
3/4/2009Wow, it's been almost five years since I created this gallery and about ten years since I started collecting.

Just a reminder that everything in my gallery is still available for offers, and there is a great deal of stuff in the Rubberslug shop for you to check out as well.

12/30/2007Happy holidays everyone!

I've added some more AnC cels. I've gone with the camera option again because it's really just so much faster and easier than my nearly 10 year old scanner.

Keep in mind that in order to avoid flash spots from the camera, I have to take the photos at a pretty severe angle. This results in the bottom of the cels appearing wider that the top in the pictures. So if the proportions seem a bit distorted, this is why.


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Title Last Updated
** Gone But Not Forgotten... ** 12/30/2007
Ayashi no Ceres - Aki 12/10/2007
Ayashi no Ceres - Groups 12/30/2007
Ayashi no Ceres - Tennyo 12/30/2007
Ayashi no Ceres - Touya 12/30/2007
Ayashi no Ceres - Yuuhi 12/30/2007
Card Captor Sakura 12/30/2007
Escaflowne TV 3/18/2004
Fushigi Yuugi TV - others 8/5/2007
Fushigi Yuugi TV - Tamahome 6/15/2004
Gundam Wing - Duo 3/25/2004
Gundam Wing - Heero 3/24/2004
Gundam Wing - Zechs 3/25/2004
Hunter X Hunter - Hisoka 3/30/2005
Hunter X Hunter - Killua 6/24/2005
Hunter X Hunter - others 11/23/2004
Inuyasha Commercial 3/18/2004
Inuyasha TV - Inuyasha 12/30/2007
Kenshin movie - Kenshin 3/16/2004
Kenshin movie - others 3/19/2004
Kenshin OP/END 3/18/2004
Kenshin OVA Tsuiokuhen 8/8/2005
Kenshin TV - Aoshi 3/20/2004
Kenshin TV - Kenshin 8/5/2007
Kenshin TV - Sanosuke 3/19/2004
Matsusushi Orphen 8/5/2007
-Miscellaneous- 12/30/2007
Rayearth OVA 6/15/2004
Trigun 2/6/2005
X/1999 11/19/2006

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